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What is the National Taekwon-Do Federation?

The National Taekwon-Do Federation (NTF) was established on September, 1993 as a non-profit Canadian organization. Its objectives are to develop a network of like-minded instructors and students, to provide members with high quality technical support, and to provide opportunities for training, advancement and competition.

We emphasize Taekwon-Do as an art - an art of self-defence. We stress the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and moral values to both instructors and to students. The NTF is a non-denominational, non-political and non-profit organization. Its classes are co-educational and include students of all ages, from 6 to 70. Parents may attend classes with their children.

The NTF's founding members are Mr. Wilfred Ho and his senior belt supporters. NTF is a Canadian organization established for and by Canadians. We currently have classes available throughout the greater Edmonton area, and our headquarters are located at the Sherwood Park Taekwon-Do Club (Established in 1978).

Mr. Wilfred Ho, Master Instructor

  • President and founder of the National Taekwon-Do Federation
  • Past President and founder of the International TKD Federation of Alberta
  • Past Vice President of Canadian TKD Federation International
  • Former Instructor, Hong Kong TKD Association
  • Former Police Corporal in the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Police
  • Specialist in practical self-defense for men and women

Wilfred Ho and his Black Belt Instructors

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