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Class Instruction

The Chief Instructor, president and founder of the National TKD Federation, is Mr. Wilfred Ho. Mr. Ho is a past president and founder of the International TKD Federation of Alberta, a past vice-president of the Canadian TKD Federation International, and a former instructor with the Hong Kong TKD Association. He is a 8th Dan Black Belt and a Certified International Instructor.

Mr. Ho has over 45 years of experience teaching and trainig TKD and remains an active instructor. He is a specialist in women's self-defence techniques. Branch clubs are taught by certified black belt instructors, all under the direction of Mr. Ho. As students progress through the ten belt levels to black belt and as part of their own training, they may be asked to assist the black belts in the instruction of other students.

Class Activities

The emphasis of the NTF is fitness. Students learn confidence and discipline through practising the art of Taekwon-Do. Our classes start with a minimum 15 to 20 minute warm-up consisting of stretching exercises. Each class stresses particular aspects of Taekwon-Do, overall fitness, the patterns of movement, light touch sparring and self-defence techniques.

Sudent Requirements

Students are encouraged to attend classes as often as is possible. A minimum two to three times per week is suggested, however, attendance is strictly voluntary. Students are requested to pay club dues at the beginning of the month.

Students will learn self-discipline and control. In all activities, students and instructors are encouraged to treat each other with respect and as friends.

Fathers and their sons and daughters.

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